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Solar-compatible gate and garage door motors

Sunshine is…

FREEDOM! It’s time for you to take power into your own hands. With our wide range of solar-compatible gate and garage door motors, your security and peace of mind won’t be at the mercy of an unstable and unreliable power supply, but you can be assured that you’ll always be able to get into and out of your property, even during lengthy power outages.

Why go solar?

Solar power is a fully renewable energy source, meaning that you’ll never run out, and is increasingly becoming the popular choice for remote sites such as farms, where there is no mains power at the gate.

The best power failure autonomy

We all know that electricity in South Africa is finicky at the best of times, so why not choose a security solution that lets you operate completely independently of the country’s utility grid?

Environmentally friendly

Electricity is generated by burning fossil fuels such as coal, which produces greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming. Solar power has an amazingly low carbon footprint.

Easy to maintain

Besides requiring a routine wash every now and again to clear away any dirt, leaves and other debris that may have accumulated over time, solar panels are practically maintenance-free!


Save on electricity costs

With the cost of essential services such as electricity always on the rise, you will be pleased to know that the power consumption of our gate and garage door motors is much lower than that of a refrigerator, water heater, and air-conditioner, helping you to save money!

And now you can save even more by letting the sun take care of your power requirements. Because solar panels generate their own power, they can greatly offset your monthly electricity bill.

With the rising popularity of solar, and with many systems being installed in remote locations where they are difficult to monitor, you may be worried about the equipment being stolen, damaged or tampered with.

The G-ULTRA’s got your back! This ultra-intelligent GSM device can be integrated with your solar solution to alert you via your phone in the event that someone tampers with the hardware.

We stock everything you’ll need for a complete solar installation, including:

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