Safety, Health, and Environmental Policy

Centurion Systems (PTY) Ltd is committed to providing working conditions that are safe and healthy for the entire workforce and relevant interested parties. We value the protection of the environment and sustainable use of its resources.

Centurion Systems shall continually strive in meeting all legal requirements as stipulated in OHSA 85 of 1993 as amended, as well as applicable regulatory and statutory requirements.

Centurion Systems as far as reasonably practicable through its Executive Management Team, SHE Committee, departmental managers, supervisors, and employees will:

• Improve all aspects of its business activities by providing the necessary resources to identify and control Safety, Health and Environmental risks.
• Consult with our employees, regulatory bodies, customers, suppliers, surrounding communities, and relevant interested parties on matters that affect their Safety, Health, and Environment, which may stem from the organisation’s business activities.
• Facilitate continuous knowledge development, by developing in-house SHE-related training programmes.
• Implement, maintain and improve the effectiveness of its integrated management system based on ISO standards.
• Ensure continued compliance to legislative, statutory and regulatory requirements.
• Ensure safe handling and use of hazardous substances in our organisation.
• Ensure that this policy forms a part of our organisational culture.
• Review and revise this policy at planned and regular intervals.
• Conducting routine Hazard Identification and Risk Assessments, and applying the suitable risk management controls that either eliminate or mitigate the identified Safety, Health, and/or Environmental risks.

Centurion Systems subscribes to a continuous improvement philosophy and thus commits to improving the effectiveness of its Safety, Health, and Environmental management system through planned internal audits, and consultation with workers and relevant interested parties.

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