Introducing the SMART ecosystem

Our new SMART range captures innovation in its modern form: not as something born out of necessity, but as the mark of true forward thinking. We have created a world in which convenience informs design, and design informs experience. The ingenuity that permeates throughout the SMART range is not merely a demonstration of utility, but an exercise in possibility.

This is Next Level SMART, and it’s here to make your life easier.


What is SMART technology?

SMART technology is the future of access automation, combining the most advanced and innovative features with a unique installer-friendly design that prioritises the installation experience through a highly intuitive and easy-to-use architecture that bears the mark of compelling innovation.

SMART is…cutting edge technology

SMART is…industry-leading and award-winning intelligence

SMART is…revolutionising installation

SMART is…giving you the best that the world of access automation has to offer

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The intelligent choice for domestic and light-industrial applications. The fastest gate motor in in its class boasting cutting edge security and safety features. Winner of the 2020 SEIFSA Award for Most Innovative Company.


The legendary high-volume performer, now with award-winning SMART technology.

D10 Turbo SMART

The ultimate speed machine just got SMARTer. The ultimate solution for security and convenience.


Real muscle for heavy industrial sites.


State-of-the-art mechanical design complemented by all the best technological features.

Photon SMART fully wireless infrared safety beams

Easy to install, easy to align and easy on the eye, Photon SMART is safely simplified.


Versatile. Virtuosic. Visionary – the V-Series SMART is here to revolutionise swing gate automation.

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